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Baby 13 weeks old

Baby 13 weeks old
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Baby 13 weeks old tips

The appearance of your baby has already changed a lot now that he is 13 weeks old, and it will continue to do so in the coming years. This way your little one will probably exchange his full bunch of hair for a soft layer of down. You too can suffer from hair loss. Try to accept the changes in your body and give your body time to recover. They don’t say for nothing: 9 months pregnant, at least 9 months pregnant!


Development baby 13 weeks

Baby 13 weeks old tips

Is your baby born with a big head of hair? Chances are that he loses his beautiful locks in the first 6 months after his birth. Hair growth is in fact influenced by hormones and takes place in three phases: the growth, transition and resting phases. Hair falls out at the end of the resting phase . Because your little one’s hormone balance changes acutely after giving birth, he loses his birth cup. So it is possible that your baby will be born à la Amy Winehouse, but after a few months it looks more like grandpa: bald. Although, bald … A baby is never completely hairless. If you look closely at his head, you will see a small down layer with very fine hairs. So soft!

In addition to hairs, or the lack thereof, your baby can also have mountain on its head. Berg is an innocent skin condition with greasy, yellow flakes and scabs on your baby’s scalp. It can also occur on his eyebrows, ears, eyelids, folds of the nose and cheeks. Fortunately, berg is not contagious and usually disappears by itself. You can help your little one’s scalp a little by avoiding soap, only washing his hair with baby shampoo and occasionally rubbing his scalp with some (baby) oil.

Your life with a 13 week old baby

Baby 13 weeks old tips

Your baby is not the only one who loses his wild hair. About 3 months after the birth you can also suffer from hair loss . This is completely normal and has to do with the changed hormone balance, just like with your baby. During your pregnancy, you had an increased estrogen level, so your hair grew longer and you lost fewer hairs. After giving birth, the estrogen level decreases again, with the result that a lot of hair falls out. Don’t worry: you will not be bald! Your hair growth needs to recover, but 6 to 12 months after the birth you have your old familiar hairstyle back.

During your pregnancy your body has undergone a true transformation. What is it really special, isn’t it ?! For nine months your body has been the home and the haven of the most beautiful creature in the world. It fed him, protected him from the big, angry outside world, and provided him with love. You can therefore not expect that house from one day to the next is ‘normal’. Give your body, and therefore yourself, time to recover . You can give your body a helping hand by exercising , eating healthily and taking good care of yourself. And always remember: your body has changed for the best thing that could ever happen to you: your baby ..!

Looking for a box?

In collaboration with Van Asten Babysuperstore

A box serves as a safe environment for your little one, so you have your hands free. It is also an ideal playground for your child, especially when he or she becomes more mobile.T

Doing with your 13 week old baby

Baby 13 weeks old tips

13 weeks after the birth it is time to dive into your old wardrobe! What were your favorite items of clothing for your pregnancy? Show them to your baby and let him feel the different fabrics. For example, rub that beautiful silk skirt or soft oversized sweater along his tummy and cheek and describe what he feels. A fantastic new experience for your baby! And maybe an extra motivation for you to be able to put on those beautiful clothes again… Please note the type of fabric: your baby will put everything in its mouth! Everything with small beads, sequins and the like can therefore be left behind even better.

Tips to Take Care of Your 13-week-old Baby

Here are some tips that you should follow to take care of your 14-week-old baby.

  • Take care of your baby’s skin by making sure it doesn’t get too dry. Make use of moisturizers and humidifiers if dry skin persists.
  • Take your baby out in the park or garden, or let him interact with other babies when you go for a morning or evening walk.
  • Let your baby sleep for fixed hours and try creating a fixed schedule for all activities so that your baby can start looking forward to them, too.

Tests and Vaccinations

Having completed 3 months fully and getting him vaccinated on time, it is time to prepare him for another round of vaccinations. These could be done either via injections or by giving oral medications.

One of the first injections that will be given around this time is the DTaP/IPV/Hib vaccine, which takes care of polio and many other diseases, like diphtheria. Another vaccine that is administered via injection is the MenC vaccine. This takes care of meningococcal viruses and prevents them from attacking the child. Finally, the next round of the rotavirus vaccine is given, but this is mostly given orally instead of via injection.

Games and Activities

Baby 13 weeks old tips

The auditory sense of your baby will grow quite a lot. Understanding sounds, music, and tonality, they begin to notice how the same sound can be emitted in different notes as well. But instead of simply using music, you can take your baby to the kitchen for a change of environment and give him a drumming 101 session. Make use of utensils around the house, plastic boxes, cardboard boxes, or anything that is in a different material than others. Putting them all together in one place, grab a small stick or a ladle and slowly hit each object to make a sound. The different sounds will get your baby intrigued and excited. Start playing something musical and your baby may start clapping away, too. Then, turn your baby around to look at his face and use your mouth to create those same drumbeat sounds. This entire activity will keep your little one engaged for many days to come.

Babies love water and playing with it. If you have a bathtub or even a smaller tub, fill it with warm water and gently put your baby in it. Make sure his head is always above the water, and use your hand to support him with that. Then splash some water using your hands and then grab his feet to create the splashes as well. Let your baby take some time in figuring out how his feet can make the water splash. Once that is done, your bathroom will turn into a water park within no time.

Games and Activities

When to Consult a Doctor

Around this age, babies tend to suffer from thrush, which is mostly a yeast-related infection. This manifests in the form of white spots or patches on the inner areas of the mouth, including the cheeks and lips. This can be passed on to the mother as well during breastfeeding and make your nipples hurt. Talk to your doctor if such a condition exists.

Heading speedily towards month 4, your baby will start picking up so many activities and learn so many new things that his growth will astound you. Keep all those memories intact and make sure to spend as much time with the baby as possible.

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