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Baby 4 months old tips

Baby 4 months old tips
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Baby 4 months old tips

Wow, your baby is already 4 months old. It seems like yesterday that you gave birth to him! Your baby starts babbling more and more and it cries out with pleasure. His harsh laugh makes you melt. By the way, he doesn’t only use his mouth to talk: he also likes to put his own feet in it. Does your baby actually have a brother or sister? All children react differently to the arrival of a baby brother or sister, but they all need the same thing: attention. Lots of attention.


… your baby’s brain grows an average of 1 gram per day for the first year? If this were to continue throughout your life, your brain would already weigh about 7 kilos when you were 18! Good thing your brain will eventually mature …

Development baby 4 months

Baby 4 months old tips

In the past few months, your little one ‘s babbling was still cautious and soft, but from now on he will be full of pleasure and will experiment with pitch and volume. Respond a lot to his gekir and copy it. This way your baby learns how important language is and it is also good for his self-confidence. Not only his baby talk is getting louder. From now on you can also hear a nice laugh ! Play different games to discover what makes your little one roll over with laughter. Make sure you don’t go on too long: laughter is healthy, but also very tiring!

Does your little one still drool like that and gnaw at everything that is loose and stuck? Chances are he will suffer from his first teeth ! It will probably take a while before they really get through, but he can already feel them. If you are breastfeeding , it can sometimes lead to ‘awkward moments’. Your nipples are very sensitive to those sharp teeth … If your baby bites your nipple, gently remove it from your chest. Wait fifteen minutes and then try feeding again. This way your child learns that he is not allowed to bite your nipples.

Your baby has grown a lot when he is 4 months old. His weight has doubled compared to his birth and his height has certainly not been left behind. Maatje 50/56 is now officially a thing of the past. Although you want to keep your baby small for as long as possible, you may not mind at all.

Your life with a baby of 4 months old

Baby 4 months old tips

During your pregnancy you had to pay close attention to what you received, but fortunately that period is over. Which product did you miss the most? From research shows that miss most pregnant women raw meats. Think carpaccio, filet americain and roast beef. You can eat it all again without worry! If you are breastfeeding, it is better to consume some products in moderation. All the nutrients that you get end up in breast milk. The concentration is strongly diluted, so you no longer have to be so strict with yourself.

How are all your post-pregnancy ailments? If you suffered from low back pain or pelvic pain during your pregnancy , chances are that these symptoms are still not over. It is also possible that pelvic instability did not develop until after the birth. Your skin recovers fortunately a lot faster: the stretch mark , the melasma and stretch marks fade away slowly but surely. Unfortunately, stretch marks never completely disappear. Continue to take good care of your skin and drink plenty of water.

Does your little one actually have a big brother or sister? All children react differently to the arrival of a baby brother or sister in the family. The one is happy, the other indifferent, but what also happens regularly is jealousy. And that is not surprising at all! Did your other child first get all the attention and was he the center of your life, suddenly he has to share that honorary position. And that is quite difficult! Do not ignore ‘negative’ behavior or punish it. Recognize the changed situation correctly, explain that you understand how difficult the change is for your first child, and make it clear that you still love him the same!

Baby clothes

Your baby grows like a cabbage and in no time he will no longer fit the smallest sizes . A great excuse to shop even more clothes! View our overview with the best webshops with baby clothesTHE BEST WEB SHOPS>

Doing with your 4 month old baby

Baby 4 months old tips

Your baby can smell good and his nose is very sensitive. Test his nose with a scent parade! Take your child on his lap and serve him different ‘scents’. For example a banana, piece of lemon, piece of orange and vanilla. Let him smell the scents one by one. For your little one this is a great new experience and you too can enjoy it. He can find a scent very funny and make you laugh , scare you or look at you with big, surprised eyes. Does he think it smells bad? Then he just turns his head away. Bah! Repeat the fragrance parade again in a few weeks to see if it reacts differently to the odors.

Your 4-Month-Old’s Tricks

Your baby’s working on lots of new physical skills — from grabbing toys to doing her imitation of a turtle on its back. She may find (and be totally mesmerized by) her feet — such fun toys, always available and tasty, too!

If you put her on her tummy, she’ll work on pushing up her head and chest, as well as flipping over onto her back, where she’ll begin to lift her head and shoulders if you gently pull her up. All this helps her build the muscles she’ll need to sit up on her own.

As long as she has good neck control, try propping her in a seated position. If she slumps down or slips sideways, it’s too soon. If not, you can assume she’s comfortable and ready (and she’ll probably enjoy the change of scene.) If she does start fussing — or slip-sliding away — pick her up and try again another time.How to Encourage Baby Talk

Follow these tips to get your baby talking:

1) Ask lots of questions, then follow up with answers. Yup, you’re talking to yourself, but you’re also modeling the give-and-take of conversation.

2) While keeping up a steady stream of speech helps your baby beef up on vocabulary, she also needs time to try her own hand (or mouth, rather) at talking. When she starts yakking, pause, look at her face and really listen as she tries to master an “mmm” or an “ahhh.” She’ll be delighted that you’re paying such close attention.

3) Stumped for a topic of conversation? Just tell your baby what you (and she) are doing. “I’m zipping up Allie’s jacket — zzzip! — to keep Allie nice and warm.”

4) What’s that noise? Point it out to your baby — “Listen, a doggy is barking!” This is great practice for the toddler and preschool years, when you’ll want her to have good “listening ears” — that is, ears that both hear, and heed, your rules.

Baby 4 months old tips

5) Books are a super source of new words for a baby. Try nursery rhymes, sturdy board books, even whatever’s on your own nightstand.

6) Repeat your baby’s sounds exactly as you hear them. That will encourage her to coo, babble and talk even more.Grow Plants for Baby

Bring nature indoors and your baby’s lungs will thank you. Air-cleaning plants don’t just make your rooms look pretty, they detox your home by removing pollutants like ammonia (found in cleaning products) and formaldehyde (found in furniture).

An assortment of 15 to 20 plants should do the trick in a 2,000-square-foot house. Rather than scattering single plants around, create group displays in each room for maximum air-cleaning effect.

The best antitoxin (and nontoxic) choices according to NASA: spider plants, philodendrons and rubber plants. To keep your baby safe from leaves that she can nibble on or pots she can topple, put plants out of reach or block them with a child’s safety gate.Don’t Go Crazy With Cleaning

If you keep your home spick-and-span with the help of antibacterial products, you may actually be killing bugs that can keep your child healthy in the long run.

That’s because kids’ immune systems need some exposure to bacteria and viruses to practice fighting them off (that’s how they develop antibodies).

So while you don’t need to throw in the dish towel completely, stick to basic cleaning supplies and “clean-enough” housekeeping.Quick Meal Planning

Before you make your shopping list, check out that supermarket circular or scout out coupons in the newspaper or online. That way, you can plan your meals according to what’s on sale.

Is there a great deal on a menu staple like boneless chicken breasts or lean ground beef? Buy enough to stash some in your freezer for a second meal on the cheap down the road.

To widen your menu repertoire, each week try a new recipe to try to determine which dishes are keepers. And remember, be open to new ingredients, especially grains and vegetables.Giving Baby Your Phone

Your smartphone carries germs. Even if you wash your hands religiously, you still transfer bacteria and dirt to your phone when you use it, hand it to a friend, set it down on the counter at Starbucks, drop it in your diaper bag… you get the idea.

In one British survey, researchers found bacteria on 92 percent of mobile phones they tested. Worse yet, one in six phones were contaminated with E. coli bacteria (in other words, fecal matter), which can cause serious stomach issues that are potentially life-threatening for babies. Viruses like the flu can live on some surfaces for a day or more. And since babies explore with their mouths, why take the risk? Best not to give your baby your phone unless you’ve thoroughly santized it, and even then, it’s better yet to skip using it as a toy or distraction entirely.Fun With Mirrors

Your baby’s preferred view: a human face. She’s not picky about whose face it is, though, so grab a mirror, and offer your baby a chance to gaze at her own!

Here’s how you can get in on the reflection fun, and help bolster your baby’s development:

1) Prop a mirror against the wall and sit opposite it on the floor (not too far away, since a baby’s eyesight is still a work in progress). Now plop your baby in your lap, leaning her back against your tummy. (This also makes for a great sibling activity: Big brothers or sisters can hold a hand mirror in front of the baby while you provide the lap.)

2) Introduce your baby to her beautiful face by pointing at her reflection. Touch her nose, stroke her hair, gently pinch her ears and name each feature as you go. Sure, your newborn doesn’t know what the words mean now, but she’ll be delighted just the same!

3) Fasten an unbreakable mirror to the side of your baby’s crib, or prop one up in front of her during tummy time sessions for even more reflective fun. She may be more willing to stay belly-down (or coo contentedly in her crib — on her back, of course) if she has her own fascinating face for company.

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