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Baby 10 months old tips

Baby 10 months old tips
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Your baby is already 10 months old and his developments don’t stop! Without you being able to see it, thousands of connections have formed in your little one’s brain, and that gets more and more results. This way your little one learns to understand the word ‘no’ and he develops his own humor. Brace yourself, because the education can really start now! This can cause the necessary tension in your relationship. Don’t forget that you are loved ones as well as parents. Make time consciously for each other again if this comes along.

Development baby 10 months

Baby 9 months old tips

You’ve probably taken the word into your mouth thousands of times, but when your baby is 10 months old, it finally has an effect: your baby starts to understand the word ‘no’ . And that works out well, because your little dragon is looking for more and more limits ! For your child it is a bit of a shock, because hey, mom and dad are not only very sweet, they can also be angry ! Don’t be surprised if big tears roll down his cheeks. Try to remain consistent, make it clear that ‘no’ is not always bad and explain why something is not allowed. By the way, try to hold back your smile as your baby plays crazy, yet dangerous, antics again. Laughter encourages your adventurer to do it again, and you don’t want that.

What you can laugh about is the humor of your baby. He is now starting to develop his own sense of humor ! At first he mainly laughed at you, but now your little comedian is often wearing the fun pants himself. He pulls out all the stops to put a smile on your face. And if that works! You roll together on the floor of laughter.

The language development of your baby is still in progress. When he is around 10 months old, he discovers that in addition to making sounds, he can also point out what he wants. And that is a bigger milestone than it initially seems! Different cognitive skills are needed to do this. Your child must realize that his perspective is different from your perspective. This complicated process is called the theory of mind . In addition, your little one must be able to move inside of you and he must understand that you understand his gestures. Prepare in advance. “That, that, that, that, that,” while pointing with a finger at his finger, is now the order of the day!

Your life with a 10 month old baby

Baby 9 months old tips

With the enormous leaps that your baby makes, life becomes increasingly crowded for you and your partner. You not only have to pay attention to the safety of your little one, but also the education can really start! No matter how difficult it is: it is important that you are consistent in what you can and cannot do. Even if you secretly think it’s hilarious that the entire room is covered with baby cream. Set clear limits, but don’t punish your baby if he doesn’t understand. Your little one still needs to learn what ‘ no ‘ actually means and what ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ behavior is. This requires patience, but it is worth repeating !

The new developments can provide the necessary difficulties between you and your partner. It is therefore important to keep talking to each other about the upbringing of your baby. Try to get in line with your partner. It is very confusing for your little one if something is allowed from Daddy, but not from Mom. You may find that you are directly opposite each other about some things in upbringing. Try to understand each other’s vision, talk about it and add some water to the wine. You are strong together!

Talking about wine … a night out together may have been a while ago! Parenthood has turned your life, and therefore your relationship , upside down. You are no longer with two people and you both have to get used to this new situation. Taking care of your baby is at the top of your list of daily activities and costs you a lot of time and energy. This may put your relationship under pressure. Remember that you are also loved ones alongside parents. Try to make an evening off for each other regularly and get a romantic date together!

A seat for your baby

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The quiet time is over. Your baby becomes more active and gets better motor skills. Around this time your baby can sit well at the table, and what could be nicer than having your own chair for your little one!

Doing with your 10 month old baby

Baby 9 months old tips

Your baby is still exploring, and what better way to stimulate this than with a … foam party! Spray some shaving cream for your child on the table or in an empty bathtub and let him play with it . The changing structure when he touches the foam is completely new to your little one: a true discovery! A foam party in the bath is of course also one big party.

Postpartum Tips & Info

Secure Toys for Safer Driving

The last thing you need as a driver is a distraction — a frustrated, whiny baby who’s dropped his lovey (“Waaa!”) or a tot throwing toys in your direction.

So attach toys to your child’s car seat with plastic links or very short cords, or get one of those activity centers that are specifically designed for a car seat.

Soft toys are best, too — if you have to stop short or have a fender bender, there’s less chance of them flying into your baby’s face and hurting him.Start a Babysitting Swap

Even though new moms and dads would give anything for a night out, you don’t always need to shell out big bucks for a sitter.

One option: Enlist trustworthy nearby parents in a babysitting swap. Start small (just one or two other families) and set up guidelines in advance: How many hours will parents contribute each month? Will “awake” hours carry the same weight as after-bedtime hours? How will you deal with values or rules that differ among households?

Baby 9 months old tips

Keep the lines of communication open and this arrangement might just last for years.Packing for Baby

Extended trips often require an extended packing list, depending on where you’re headed.

If you’re going to a hotel, inquire in advance about childproofing items, and whether they have cribs, booster seats and playpens. (You’ll probably need to bring your own car seat and lightweight stroller.)

Going camping? If so, you’re a brave woman, and you’d better bring more than enough essentials. But if there are stores where you’re headed, no need to lug a two-week supply of diapers. Just carry what you need for travel and stock up once you get there. (Some full-service hotels might even shop for the basics for you.)

You can also reduce your load by packing travel-size bottles of baby lotion and shampoo — if you run out, you can always buy more. Wherever you go, don’t forget: baby’s blanket or lovey (and maybe even a spare), a supply of toys and books (perhaps a mix of a few faves plus some your baby has never seen before), a large plastic bag for soiled clothes (it happens to everyone!).Praising Baby

You probably do it dozens of times a day: Give your baby a cheer, a round of applause or a “You did it!” after he successfully reaches a toy or claps his hands.

And while it may seem a bit much to be bursting your buttons with pride over such small accomplishments, it’s not. His new tricks are new to you, even if babies have been performing them since the dawn of time. And it’s your praise that builds his self-esteem, makes him want to try again and again, and helps him begin to believe in himself.

So provide plenty of opportunities for him to earn your words of praise. Give him age-appropriate toys that he can succeed with. If he’s working on grasping and reaching, put squeezable objects just far enough away that he needs to make an effort to get them.

Baby 9 months old tips

Then sit back and let him try — don’t offer help unless he starts to get too frustrated. Acclaim that he actually earns is way more valuable than an empty “good job” from you. And specific words of admiration mean more than general ones, too.

Commend him for his efforts (“You are really working to get that ball!”) and his performance (“You fit the yellow peg in the hole!”). These specifics let him know that you are really paying attention — and what baby doesn’t love being the center of attention?Should You Get a Pet?

If you’re considering getting a family pet, this may add to your case: They’re good for everyone’s health!

Experts say that children who grow up with pets are less likely to develop common allergies thanks to early exposure to certain bacteria. (Of course, some children are genuinely allergic to animals — so check on that before you take the plunge.)

And some research shows that pet owners tend to get sick less often — in fact, one study determined that children who lived with dogs were generally healthier during their first year of life, with fewer respiratory problems and less-frequent ear infections than kids without canines.

Another pro to pets? Brushing, patting or stroking a furry creature can lower stress levels — and that’s just as true for parents as it is for kids.Meat for Baby

Your baby’s not ready for steak yet, but you can up his iron intake by giving him soft meatballs made from hamburger or ground turkey (get the kind ground from turkey thighs, which are higher in iron).

To make sure they’re not overly crusty and too firm for your baby’s tender mouth, cook them in a sauce or soup instead of frying them solo. Then cut the meatball into quarters, put a few pieces on the tray, and let the fun begin.

Just remember not to overwhelm your little carnivore with too much food. He may be tempted to test the laws of gravity and send the pile to the floor — or to stuff it all in his mouth at once.Mommy-and-Me Classes

New parent classes aren’t just great for your baby, classes and play groups are good for you, too! Committing to a class or play group gets you out and about regularly, gives you a chance to play and learn with your baby in different ways than you do at home and, sometimes most importantly, gives you the chance to connect with other moms and dads who speak your language.

That means you can discuss current events with a grown-up — or the contents of your baby’s diapers — without feeling dull or crazy. Chances are at least one of these new friendships will become a lasting one.

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