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These baby names increase the chances of a successful child

These baby names increase the chances of a successful child
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Of course you want your child to be happy and successful later. But how do you take care of this? If we have to believe scientists, it already starts with making up your child’s name. So here are some tips!

1. An easy to pronounce name is good for popularity

Children with an easy name are found a lot more fun than children with a difficult name. This is the conclusion of a study by New York University (2011).


2. Using the middle name of your middle name increases your status

If we have to believe scientists you can better imagine yourself as ‘Lisa R. Bodegraven’ than ‘Lisa Bodegraven.’ The more initials, the greater the supposed status and success.


3. Impulse buyer

Does your last name start with one of the last letters of the alphabet? Then you are more likely to be an impulse buyer. This is because research has been done into the relationship between someone’s last name and the extent to which people are guilty of impulse purchases. What seems? People whose name starts with one of the last letters of the alphabet would be more susceptible to special promotions and offers.


4. Boys with girl names are more likely to be expelled from school

That was the conclusion of a professor at the University of Florida . From 1996 to 2000, this professor researched the behavior of boys. What turned out? Boys with girl names misbehaved more often at school and were also more likely to be expelled from school. In addition, they also did worse in terms of performance. Especially boys with names like Alexis, Courtney, Shannon, Kelly, Shelby and Ashley had to pay.


5. Men with a short name are more successful

Men with names such as Bob, Jack and Bruce are more often CEOs of large companies than men with names such as Christiaan, Alexander and Sebastiaan. The fewer syllables, the higher the position of the man. This is evident from an analysis by LinkedIn in 2011.

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